Haven for Fujoshi and Fudanshi Alike


A MUST-KNOW for the Fujoshi and Fudanshi Community


I am, as my username suggest, a closet Fujoshi who will now share to you the secrets of my closet. I promise you this IS a must-know for us, Fujoshis and Fudanshis.

There’s this one place where I get my fill of Yaoi, where I can freely talk about this interest of mine, where I can converse with people of the same interests, and where I can freely be myself. Now, you can too.

That place, my friend, is Yaoi Otaku.

Yaoi Otaku is the best place where you can find the LATEST Yaoi updates, Yaoi Anime and Movies, Yaoi Manga, Yaoi Drama Cds, and Yaoi games, downloadable. Their Forum also contains a lot of Yaoi fanfiction and original BL fiction made by the community members. Furthermore, the community is filled with pleasant people of the same interests with whom you can engage in conversations, role-playing, and many more. And, the BEST  thing is: there are “New Yaoi Stuff on the forum Daily and Registration is free.

So, fellow Yaoi Enthusiast , care to join us in the community?

You may click the clickable links up here ⇑
or check my Menu there ⇐ and Click on the Buttons, Place for Yaoi Enthusiasts: Yaoi Otaku Webpage and Yaoi Otaku Forums.